No advance payments

Everyone at some point in life needs some kind of service to improve our home, but we have trouble trusting someone or we have heard of frauds by some roofing companies or ghost contractors and these make us fear when hiring a roofing company or roofing contractor.

Considering this and for better transperency we have established two payment options that we believe is fair for both parties.

Example 1: You pay for all materials

You and I, we go to the roofing store, and I make a list of all the materials that I will need to make your roof, and you pay directly the total price of all materials and ask to the store to deliver all the materials directly to your house on a determined day.

Explained: Imagine that the materials are purchased on Monday and we agreed that we will make your roof on Friday, in this case the materials must be delivered on Friday between 6 am to 10 am, the same day that we will do the work.

Well, we arrive at your house on Friday at 7:00 am and we will start to remove the old roof. In many cases, when the materials arrive, we have already removed the old roof and are ready to start installing the new materials; in other cases, not yet, everything depends on when the materials arrive, but 90% of times arrive after 8:00 a.m.

And well, once the work is finished, you pays us the other part of the money. In other words we will have a check in our hands until the work is completely finished.

Example 2: We pay for all materials

We will pay for all materials with our own money and when the work is finished you pay us the full amount. I sincerely tell you, we like to work more with the first option. But everything depends on what you and I agree on. lol

Our base price is applicable by squares (100 square feet = 1 roof square = 3 bundles of roofing shingles) and can only increase depending on whether the house is two storey, roof inclination or some roof accessories.

Your insurance money

We honestly tell you that we are not interested in taking all your insurance money or we are not interested in knowing how much they are paying for your roof.

We have a base price that applies equally to all customers, whether they have insurance or not, the price will be the same and will not increase or decrease.

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